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Fulton students design, build, and code great things.

“Hey, want to have lunch in San Diego in half an hour?”

This question could be common in the near future, as ASU students design a Hyperloop train in response to Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk’s challenge  to finding a faster method of mass commuting. The team hopes to achieve speeds of 750 mph.

Disciplines: Mechanical Engineering, Robotics

It’s not just people who are learning at ASU. A team of ASU students and professors build and test a robotic turtle that can learn how to navigate in its environment.

Disciplines: Mechanical Engineering, Robotics, Electrical EngineeringComputer Science

Still have a sense of exploration? Want to push the boundary of what  is possible? With the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), collaborate with others to make dreams a reality.

Disciplines: Aerospace Engineering

3D printing technology is great here on Earth, but what if you could send robots to print a lunar base? In a few months, robots can build habitable lunar bases to protect people from the harsh environment.

Disciplines: Material Science & EngineeringAerospace EngineeringRobotics

You don’t need to wait until you graduate to make an impact. Mark Huerta and his team certainly didn’t. Find resources at ASU that can help make your passions come to life.

Disciplines: All majors

Students all over the world design, build, and test carts that are powered by chemical reactions. Teams compete to see how far they travel and how accurate their carts are.

Disciplines: Chemical Engineering

Civil engineering is all around you. Here are just three examples of what civil engineers can do.

Disciplines: Civil Engineering

In this Graphic Information Technology student’s creative project, animation and live action are combined to make a fresh and funny short film.

Disciplines: Graphic Information Technology

This intriguing  TV trailer animated by a GIT student will leave you inspired.

Disciplines: Graphic Information Technology

Freshmen, find resources and opportunities to make your first great!